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The Middle East is on fire like a burning pine forest. Each day hundreds of people are killed in Palestine, Syria and Iraq. Everyday thousands of people leave their homes and lands, take refuge in neighbouring countries and become emigrants. The Peoples of the Middle East are being played off against one another by sectarian provocations.
On 13 May capitalist system of exploitation has taken lives of around 300 workers in a coal mine “accident” in Soma, a town in western Turkey. There are unknown number of workers still trapped in the mine. This is the biggest massacre of workers in the form of “work accident” in the history of Turkey. The technical reason for the incident is still unknown.
A cruel war has been going on in the Middle East. And the government in Turkey is making up excuses and lies to justify any possible intervention in Syria, seeking to convince people of war with great effort. Well, from what has the war that the AKP government is preparing for arisen? Who are the real sides of this war? What interests are involved? What will come out from this war for workers?
Interviews made by Workers’ Solidarity in the context of debates about “90s Generation” after Gezi protests show that working-class youth has big problems. But their problems are not paid attention. The youth of well-off layers who came to the fore and were praised during Gezi protests were presented as if they represent entire youth.
Workers have many problems. We can count at least the following: Wages are low; millions of workers earn either minimum wage or just a bit more than that. They are continuously forced to do overtime to increase their income. They cannot spend time with their families and are getting more and more detached from social life. The struggle to survive makes life unbearable and miserable for workers.
Workers’ life is hard and painful. The struggle to survive, to earn their own life and to look after their families makes life for workers unbearable. Pain, anxiety and exhaustion become an inseparable part of workers’ life. Could the life of workers who try to afford their needs with a minimum wage and the life of well-off rich people be equal?
Does the crisis of capitalist system flow from lack of products? Of course not! The true reason for the recurring economic crises in capitalism is overproduction. Under capitalism production is not a planned one to satisfy human needs. Every boss makes workers produce more just to sell more and make more profit.
The law of trade unions and the law of collective bargaining, strike and lock-out were combined into a single law on 7 November 2012. This law maintains the barriers and restrictions on trade unions. One of the most important barriers is the thresholds for utilising the right to collective bargaining.
On 7th January, 8 miners were killed at a mine accident in Kozlu, Zonguldak. Their families were thrown into a deep sorrow and grief. The same grief haunts many working class families. Workplaces are operating like slaughterhouses. According to the reports of Labour Ministry 4 workers a day lose their lives at workplace accidents. That means that nearly 1500 workers a year come to be the victims...
Workers and toilers are expecting in hope a betterment of their lives as the turn of the year approaches. Although the struggle to earn a living makes workers’ lives ruined since they cannot afford even their basic needs, are afraid of losing their jobs and of not being able to pay the bills and house rents, are tired of the hardships of living conditions, they hope to get over their grievances.
In their training programmes carried out in the framework of the Hard and Dangerous Works Code metal workers are told: “To mould metal is the greatest skill of human beings. The more a country is able to tame and mould metal the more powerful it is.” So Turkey is a powerful country as metal workers keep all the time working hard to mould metal with a great skill and swelling the profits of bosses...
All workers are afraid of being unemployed, of not being able to pay the rent and the bills, of not being able to feed their children. To fear is human, but human beings learned how to overcome their fears. Human beings beat their fear and eliminate the threat which causes the fear when they get united and gather their forces together. So we the workers must come together as well. Workers are...
Prices keep going up making the life of toilers unbearable and aggravating poverty. The AKP government announced the new price hikes particularly in spring and autumn to avoid the reaction of the toiling masses. In April natural gas price was increased 19 percent in one go. In the beginning of October, once again, it was increased 10 percent, a second hike in less than four months.
Workers, toilers, brothers/sisters!A bloody civil war is going on in Syria; tens of people are dying everyday, hundreds are being injured and thousands are migrating. Who is fighting in Syria? On the one side there is the Bashar al-Assad’s bloody dictatorship, on the other side there are various armed opposition groups.
The capitalist system which survives on the exploitation of workers is in crisis. Well-known global giant holdings and banks are going bankrupt, national budgets are going bust as in Greece. The economic crisis is accompanied by a political crisis. Now bosses and governments, as mouthpieces of them, cannot rule labourers as in the past since workers reject paying the bill of the crisis.
Prime Minister and the AKP government tell us that we should be happy: Because Turkish economy is growing. Turkish economy is the second fastest growing economy after China. Well done! What does this economic growth cost? What do workers get from it? All worker friends should ask themselves these questions?

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