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A Message of Appreciation from Iranian Workers Organisations to UID-DER

UID-DER’s campaign “Stop Repression of Iranian Working Class” arouses attention of many Iranian workers organisation. Repression and persecution, anti-democratic practices, banning of unions, arrest, imprisonment and torturing of workers in Iran are protested by many organisations and they try to raise awareness on the international level. One of them, Coordination Committee for the Formation of Workers Organisations, has announced UID-DER’s campaign in its website and expressed their appreciation for the campaign. Below we are publishing their message of appreciation which is a significant expression of international class solidarity.

Co-ordination Committee's Appreciation of Turkish Labour Activists' Unity Message!

Recently a group of Turkish workers and labour activists launched a campaign entitled “Stop the repression of the Iranian working class” and in addition to collecting thousands of signatures and exposing the repression of labour activists in Iran, in a glorious way showed their class solidarity with the Iranian working class.

The Co-ordination Committee also, while emphasising the international solidarity of the working class for liberty from capitalist relations on a world scale, declares its gratitude to all Turkish workers and labour activists who have taken part in this campaign and shakes their hand for total unity on the path of the class struggle.

Co-ordination Committee for the Formation of Labour Organisations

14 May 2012

Kaynak: http://www.khamahangi.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=895:1391-02-25-16-08-25&catid=14:1389-12-23-23-57-18&Itemid=27

20 May 2012

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