May Day Message from Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network

Our dear class brothers and sisters in Turkey,

Our fellow labour activists in UID-DER,

For a second year most Iranian workers have been unable to hold any public meetings or demonstrations celebrating May Day, International Workers' Day. Even the pro-regime Labour House was not given a permit to hold any May Day event!

Despite this type of measure which both shows the fear and weakness of the Iranian regime and bosses, as well as the potential strength of the working class, the class struggle has continued and will no doubt become more intense in the next 12 months. The continuing attacks on working class families (especially with the implementation of the subsidy-cutting programme) and the lack of basic rights can only lead to more and more struggles.

On this sometimes hard path to break the stranglehold of exploitation and oppression international solidarity is a vital factor in giving moral support to Iranian workers. In UID-DER (The Association of International Workers' Solidarity) Iranian workers have on of their most consistent and genuine supporters.

Long live May Day, international day of working class struggle and unity!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network

30 April 2012