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Message From Doro-Chiba: Signatures Submitted to the Prime Minister

Dear all friends of UID-DER,

Your signatures of about 15,000 were passed on through Fukushima mothers for their perusal and finally submitted to the Cabinet Office addressed to the Prime minister NODA together with our signatures on March 26.

This is the 4th submission, and total number of signatures has reached to about 128,000 at this moment.

The following is the article on the website of "Stop the War! Million Signature Campaign", which describes the above 4th submission case.


And your appeal (http://en.uidder.org/shut_down_all_nuclear_plants_now.htm) was read out in the course of the submission.

In Struggle and Solidarity,

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba

H. Yamamoto

28 Mart 2012

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