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Message From Japan in Reply to Our 6 November Solidarity Message

Dear friends of UID-DER,

We'd like to express our many thanks for your encouraging solidarity message to the coming November 6 International Workers' Solidarity Rally.

We'll distribute its Japanese translation to all the participant of the rally.

The following is a short footage in which the president of Doro-Chiba, TANAKA Yasuhiro handed your signatures of 11, 217 over to a representative of Fukushima mothers in sit-in, Ms. MUTO Ruiko on October 29.

She reported your tremendous effort in Turkey and mentioned that your signatures will be handed in to the related authorities together with signatures collected by themselves.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGlChRNjLSQ&feature=autoshare (I'm sorry, but this is Japanese only due to our time constraint.)

Thanks again and long live international solidarity of working class!

In Struggle and Solidarity

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba

Secretary Treasurer

H. Yamamoto



4 November 2011

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