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International Solidarity Messages to UİD-DER


(18.12.2013) Dear brothers and sisters of UID-DER! Doro-Chiba sends you a heartfelt message. With UID-DER, we have long been developing a close international solidarity as a railway workers union fighting against neoliberal offensive. We earnestly wish a great success of your rally to organize an all-out struggle to fight back capitalist onslaught on working class.

Solidarity Message to Polyacryl Workers


(09.12.2013) As your class brothers/sisters in and around UID-DER, with most heartfelt feelings of solidarity we salute your honourable struggle going on for weeks. As workers from Turkey we want you to know that our hearts are with you. Bosses and their states across the world care only for the calculations they make for more and more profit.

100,000 signatures against work accidents


(26.11.2013) UID-DER’s campaign on work accidents has raised a nationwide interest. Several national newspapers and TV channels covered the issue including Radikal (a nationwide daily newspaper). A columnist, Jale Özgentürk, wrote an article about the campaign and UID-DER. Her article was translated into English and published in Hürriyet Daily News, the oldest English language daily newspaper in Turkey. The following is the English version of Özgentürk’s article published in Hürriyet Daily News.

Great Support from Workers: The 100.000 Signatures Target Achieved!


(28.10.2013) UİD-DER’s campaign, “Work Accidents are not Destiny, Stop Workers Dying of Work Accidents!” has achieved the 100.000 signatures goal. Working masses showed great interest in and supported the campaign which was conducted in many cities and towns, mainly in workers’ neighbourhoods. During the campaign about 500.000 people were contacted face to face and informed about the vital importance of work accidents, raising the awareness.

Free Shahrokh Zamani!


(21.10.2013) Iranian regime keeps repressing fighting workers, trade-unionists and socialists. One of the socialist trade-union organisers, Shahrokh Zamani, whom the regime is seeking to keep away from struggle by imprisoning for years, is now sentenced to 6 months in Rajaishahr Prison. He has been kept in Karaj Rajaishahr Detention Centre for months and now the Mullah regime threatens him with death sentence if he does not give up his political activities.

UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s Play “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come” Staged in Switzerland.


(20.10.2013) UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s play, “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come”, was staged in Switzerland by a group of young Turkish socialist migrant workers. The young migrant workers who wanted to commemorate the Great 15-16 June Resistance sent us an e-mail informing us about their intention to perform a play in the Culture and Art Festival they will organise. They asked for UİD-DER’s help

Won’t You Stand Up Against Warmongering?


(11.10.2013) A cruel war has been going on in the Middle East. And the government in Turkey is making up excuses and lies to justify any possible intervention in Syria, seeking to convince people of war with great effort. Well, from what has the war that the AKP government is preparing for arisen? Who are the real sides of this war? What interests are involved? What will come out from this war for workers?

The Other Youth Speak Out


(25.09.2013) Interviews made by Workers’ Solidarity in the context of debates about “90s Generation” after Gezi protests show that working-class youth has big problems. But their problems are not paid attention. The youth of well-off layers who came to the fore and were praised during Gezi protests were presented as if they represent entire youth.

Who Will Take Care of Workers’ Rights?


(16.09.2013) Workers have many problems. We can count at least the following: Wages are low; millions of workers earn either minimum wage or just a bit more than that. They are continuously forced to do overtime to increase their income. They cannot spend time with their families and are getting more and more detached from social life. The struggle to survive makes life unbearable and miserable for workers.

Solidarity Message for Behnam Ebrahimzadeh


(05.09.2013) Dear Iranian worker brothers and sisters, As your worker brothers/sisters from Turkey we are closely aware of the repression and terror exerted by the Iranian regime against the working class and we condemn it. One of the most recent examples of this repression is the case of Behnam Ebrahimzadeh.

No Trust in System Parties, Go for the Unity of Workers!


(28.07.2013) Workers’ life is hard and painful. The struggle to survive, to earn their own life and to look after their families makes life for workers unbearable. Pain, anxiety and exhaustion become an inseparable part of workers’ life. Could the life of workers who try to afford their needs with a minimum wage and the life of well-off rich people be equal?

Impending Strike in Metal Industry


(25.05.2013) Türk Metal (Union of Turkish Metal Workers), affiliated to Türk-İş (the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions), took the decision to go on strike as the collective bargaining rounds ended up in disagreement between trade unions organized in metal industry and MESS (The Association of Turkish Metalware Industrialists). Türk Metal announced the strike would start in 60 days.

UİD-DER’s Solidarity Message: Turkish Airlines (THY) Workers are not Alone!


(20.05.2013) THY management and the government put pressure on workers for them not to join the strike. Atatürk Airport is under police siege. THY management keep sending text messages to workers in order to demoralise and frustrate them. And unions and democratic mass organisations are taking side with the workers and Hava-İş. UID-DER published a statement in solidarity with THY workers and Hava-İş. Below is the solidarity message of UID-DER.

UİD-DER Women’s Committee: We Share Our Bangladeshi Class Bothers/Sisters’ Grief


(17.05.2013) Our dear Bangladeshi class brothers/sisters As Women’s Committee of the Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UİD-DER), we are deeply saddened by the loss of our class brothers and sisters as a result of the collapse of Rana Plaza building on April 24. We share your great outrage against capitalist system of exploitation, and extend our feelings of solidarity.

UID-DER’s Condolence and Solidarity Message to Bangladeshi Workers


(11.05.2013) Our dear class brothers/sisters, More than a thousand workers lost their lives as a result of the collapse of Rana Plaza on 24 April and hundreds of them were injured. We share your deep grief as your class brothers/sisters and extend our feelings of solidarity. It is the capitalist system of profit to blame for this disaster in Dhaka, which can be called a massacre.

Doro-Chiba: “We Fiercely Denounce A Nuclear Treaty Agreement”


(08.05.2013) Dear all friends of UID-DER, Japanese far right Abe administration, on the one hand, is eager to abolish the current Japanese Constitution together with its “peace clause” to change Japan into a nuclear-armed war state. On the other, Abe is intent to export packaged deal of nuclear power plant systems, railway systems and water supply and sewerage systems as one of desperate measures to get out of the current global economic crisis.

May Day in Turkey

(05.05.2013) May Day was celebrated in many cities and towns of Turkey. Despite the intimidation of the government in the run up to May Day, workers in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Mersin, Zonguldak, Gebze, Diyarbakır, Tekirdağ, Antep, Manisa, Muğla, Rize, Kars, Karabük, Hakkari, Bingöl, Bitlis and many others, there were hundreds of thousands of workers in total taking part in the demonstrations. In all demonstrations workers, together with their families, protested against the attacks of capital and the government, and put forward their demands.

Our May Day Message to IWSN


(30.04.2013) We celebrate your May Day which is a day of unity, struggle and solidarity for the working class. The working class can only resist the attacks of the bourgeoisie through an organised and determined stance. As UID-DER we also believe that this organised struggle has to be waged on an international level and we act in this understanding.

May Day Message from IWSN to UID-DER


(30.04.2013) Once again we are celebrating May Day aware of a year of struggles that has included both victories and defeats. Every day the capitalists are bringing about the ever closer integration of the working class on a world scale and also the technology to share the experiences and struggles of workers in far away lands. We can now also become aware of the pain and tragedy of workers in countries like Bangladesh within minutes.

Our May Day Message to Citroen Aulnay Strikers


(24.04.2013) We salute you with our warmest feelings of solidarity. We wish you victory in your determined strike you have been carrying on for months and we also greet your May Day. Our Association (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity) composed of fighting workers from diverse industries advocates that attacks of the bourgeoisie on a global level can only be pushed back through accomplishing international unity of the working class.

Mersin Port Workers Fought and Won


(15.04.2013) 1600 workers in Mersin Port, which is at the Mediterranean region of Turkey, are under persistent attacks of MIP (Mersin International Port), the company managing the port, for some time. MIP tries to divide workers, stop union activity and force the unionised workers to quit the union and sack them. On March 1, 22 workers who are organised in Liman-İş (National Port and Land Stevedores Union of Turkey) were laid off by MIP. This was followed by another 8 being sacked, and then another 4.

Mothers cry out: We are women, we are mothers, we stand for peace!

UID-DER Women’s Committee

(06.04.2013) More than 50 thousand people lost their lives during the unjust war waged by Turkish state against Kurdish people. The victims were all children of poor Turkish and Kurdish people. For decades women has been shedding tears and wailing for the loss of their husbands and children. Those women whose husbands and children are in the areas of armed conflict are always in fear of getting any bad news while they are waiting for their return.

Working Women Gathered in UID-DER


(27.03.2013) On 10 March in Ankara branch and on 24 March in all the other branches of UID-DER there were lively celebrations of International Working Women’s Day. Hundreds of working women attended the events organised by UID-DER Women’s Committee under the main slogan of “8 March: Working women, get organized and join the struggle!”

Are Workers Destined to Pay the Bill of the Crisis?


(16.03.2013) Does the crisis of capitalist system flow from lack of products? Of course not! The true reason for the recurring economic crises in capitalism is overproduction. Under capitalism production is not a planned one to satisfy human needs. Every boss makes workers produce more just to sell more and make more profit.

What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile, petrochemistry. Revolutionary vanguard workers who make up WSEG had been conducting work in union rank-and-file, factories, strike places for many years. UİD-DER is the fruit of this continuous work carried on in a working class discipline. And we keep carrying on our work to strengthen this base on an international level as well.

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