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Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 6 November Rally

Dear class brothers and sisters,

As your brothers and sisters from Turkey we wholeheartedly greet your honorable struggle that you have been waging for months and extend our support. As UID-DER (The Association of International Workers’ Solidarity) we made your cry “Shut down all nuclear power plants now” that you raised from Japan known to tens of thousands of workers in Turkey by launching a widespread campaign of collecting signatures in solidarity with you.

Dear friends,

We all witnessed that the capitalist class do not pay slightest attention to the fact that tens of thousands of our class brothers/sisters died and hundreds of thousands of them turned homeless and jobless. It was again workers who were to show up in solidarity with workers while capitalists did not shut down nuclear plants despite the fact that they are the ones who caused this nuclear disaster. On the contrary they plan to build new nuclear power plants all around the world including Turkey, thus threatening humanity and nature with annihilation. Besides, the offensives such as sackings, working days nearing 12 hours, low wages, sub-contracting, de-unionization etc. keep on with increasing intensity. The crisis of capitalism and imperialist wars hit millions of toilers harshly. But class struggle is also rising.

It is a must for all workers around the world to get united against this criminal capitalist order and its bloody policies like the ones that promote nuclear power and weapons. Here in Turkey we are trying to raise the consciousness of workers and organize them to fight capitalism and its nuclear policies. Also we are waging a struggle against its neoliberal offensives and war drive that make our lives more unbearable. But in order to be successful we need to pay more and more attention to international solidarity among especially fighting workers’ organizations.

Long live International Struggle of the Working Class!

Long live International Class Solidarity!



3 Kasım 2011

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