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Solidarity Message to Australian Construction Workers

Dear class brothers/sisters striking in Queensland Children’s Hospital site in Australia,

As workers who are members of the Association of International Workers’ Solidarity in Turkey we salute your struggle. As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey we know well that construction workers work under hard conditions, that there are many difficulties for workers to get organized in this industry, that the system of sub-contracting is becoming widespread across the world your as well as in your and our country. Therefore your struggle to sign contract with the main company and get equal pay for equal work is especially important and significant. We believe wholeheartedly that you will succeed in this righteous struggle you have been waging with determination for more than a month.

Our association follows the working-class struggles across the world and tries to get the voice of workers heard by all class brothers/sisters and develop solidarity among workers across the world. Your fight is our fight. Your success will also be the success of all workers around the world.

Long live the unity of struggle of workers!

Long live international workers’ solidarity!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

8 September 2012

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