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To Trade Unions, Organizations, Political Parties and All Supporters of Working Class All Over the World!

Shahrokh Zamani, a member of “House-Painter workers union”, who is currently serving an 11 years prison sentences, he transferred to Gohardast prison in city Karj the ward, where the political prisoners are held and controlled by the Islamic Special Forces and the intelligent ministry since 15 January 2012.

Zamani has gone on a hunger strike since 8 March 2014 because of defending his rights and those prisoners, such as the struggle for better living condition in the Gohardast prison.

He has transferred from Gohardasht prison to Gazalhasar prison to criminal and addicted ward, where the drug dealers are held.

As of today 33 days have passed from the commencement of Shahrokh Zamani’s hunger strike and his health condition has almost completely deteriorated. Shahrokh’s life is in danger and he has lost 20 kilograms of his weight. We condemn the continuation of his arrest and also urge the Karj prosecutor’s office to transfer him as a matter of urgency to the hospital for treatment before it is too late. We also warn the Karj prosecutor’s office that they are accountable for the negligence of their duty and consequently Shahrokh’s health.

We give strong support to Shahrokh Zamani’s protest and demand immediate actions for release of all imprisoned workers.

We seek trade unions and labour organization’s support to protest against the repression and hostility towards the workers in Iran.

Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement- Abroad





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