Doro-Chiba: “We Fiercely Denounce A Nuclear Treaty Agreement”

Dear all friends of UID-DER,

Japanese far right Abe administration, on the one hand, is eager to abolish the current Japanese Constitution together with its “peace clause” to change Japan into a nuclear-armed war state. On the other, Abe is intent to export packaged deal of nuclear power plant systems, railway systems and water supply and sewerage systems as one of desperate measures to get out of the current global economic crisis.

We fiercely denounce a nuclear treaty agreement between Japan and Turkey on May 3, Friday.

Let’s make an all-out effort to stop any restart and any new construction of nuclear power plants all over the world, under a banner of workers’ international solidarity.

In Struggle and Solidarity,

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba

H. Yamamoto


8 May 2013