In Response to Call of Workers’ Unions of Brazil

Militant, Conscious and striking workers in Brazil

Committed and responsible workers’ unions of workers’ movement in Brazil

The syndicates of education, health, farming and housing

Co-workers and comrades!

With the most cordial greetings of solidarity, we have received your call in a short time.

In response to this historical call, on the occasion of the World Cup held in Brazil, and in fulfilling our internationalist duty, we have interpreted your great militant movement as a turning point in the labor movement in the world today, and a new dawn in the development of the global workers movement from defensive positions against the predatory, aggressive, oppressive capitalism to an offensive position against them.  You have consciously and deliberately chosen the best historic opportunity for the international proletariat, to announce with a clear cry and wide that „Enough is enough!“

At this moment, the eyes of the whole world have turned to your direction, and your just cries are heard by all. Definitely the mass of the 90 percent are in sympathy, and with united voice, accompanying you side by side in this struggle. You are never alone.

We are also, though from afar, proudly, see ourselves by your side and sing along with you the song of International Victory: 

Final day of the struggle, the last battle of ours

The International, International is the humans’ emancipation

Hopes of your victory in battle and consistency in your will

Long live international workers‘ solidarity

Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement- abroad

11 June 2014