IWSN’s Solidarity Message to Turkish Metal Workers

To the metal workers of Turkey

Our dear class brothers and sisters

We heard about your recent heroic struggles from the comrades of UID-DER. We are very impressed with your fight against the three-pronged attack of the capitalists: the biggest capitalists of Turkey, the capitalist state and the gangsters of Türk Metal.

It is high time for the Turkish working class to break the shackles placed on it by the generals in September 1980. Your mass resignations from Türk Metal in Bursa can be the first step in building a genuine metal workers’ union, run by the workers for defending your jobs, pay and conditions.

Your demand for a new contract that includes a wage rise, driving out Türk Metal, election of your own representatives and no firings, is perfectly reasonable. The bosses of Renault and the like should grant you this contract immediately.

Just as the capitalists of Renault, Tofaş (Fiat) and so on are operating internationally, the workers must also fight them internationally. International solidarity is the key to beating them in Turkey, France, Italy, Iran and beyond.

Long live international working class unity and struggle!

19 May 2015