Refugee Workers Are Our Class Brothers/Sisters! For a United Struggle!

Imperialist wars for division turn many regions of the world into hell. With the Middle East being the foremost, the number of refugees growing on a daily basis has passed 60 million all over the world. Having to leave their homelands and take to the migration routes, poor masses are struggling to survive in joblessness and misery. Capitalists are making use of their despair by employing them in most severe and insecure jobs with lowest wages. They come under racist attacks, exclusion and humiliation. Tens of thousands of refugees lose their lives in migration routes to arrive at advanced capitalist countries in the hope of freeing themselves from poverty and of surviving. Syrians in Turkey, whose number has reached to 2.5 million, are not even given the status of refugee. They are simply called “guests”, deprived of any rights and condemned to misery. Even their efforts at the cost of death to reach Europe are used as blackmail by the Turkish state against the EU.

While the question of refugees and emigration created by war causes enormous sufferings, it at the same time opens the way for a different process. The mingling of millions of people who are forced to become refugees and emigrants with the working class in the countries they have gone such as the Middle East, Europe and Turkey creates a huge potential from the standpoint of the international struggle of the working class. If workers of these countries fuse with migrant workers and can establish a joint organising initiative on an internationalist basis, then the reality of migration caused by war could play a role of lever in overthrowing capitalism.

UID-DER workers who work for advancing the national and international struggle of the working class deem those workers who are in refugee status as class brothers/sisters like other workers in the world. Advocating the unity and emancipation struggle of all workers of the world, UID-DER is conscious of the common fate of refugee workers and toilers at large with workers in Turkey and the Middle East. Acting on this perspective UID-DER, does not remain indifferent to the problems of refugees and makes efforts to organise refugee workers.

The working class of Turkey should not be carried away with nationalist provocations and extend its class fraternity hand to refugee/migrant toilers!

Stop imperialist war!

Give Syrians in Turkey refugee status right now!

For a joint fight against racism and discrimination against refugees!

10 December 2015