Shahrokh Zamani Ends His Hunger Strike After 47 Days

At 11am today, Wednesday April 23 2014, Shahrokh Zamani talked to his mother on the phone for the first time since she left hospital. After exchanging greetings Ms Zarin Nejati (Shahrokh Zamani’s mother) told Shahrokh of the message from workers’ organisations and his family and friends, who had said that to them his health was more important than anything else and that they wanted him to end his hunger strike. Shahrokh thanked all the organisations and friends and promised to end his hunger strike soon.

At 12 noon today, Shahrokh Zamani was present at a meeting at Gohardasht prison between the prison governor and a number of the prison’s managers and other prison officials. In negotiations between Shahrokh Zamani and prison officials, the officials made a written commitment to transfer Shahrokh either today and tomorrow to hall 12, wing 4, which is reserved for political prisoners. After the request from friends and family, and the commitment, Shahrokh ended his hunger strike at 12:30 today, Wednesday April 23 2014, after 47 days.

Towards greater unity for more pressure

Towards widespread protests with the slogan: “Free all jailed workers and political prisoners”

Shahrokh Zamani Defence Committee

23 April 2014

Translated by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

30 April 2014