Solidarity Message to Bafgh Miners in Iran

Dear worker brothers/sisters,

Your months-long determined struggle against privatisation of mines, low wages and bad working conditions is not only yours but also part of common struggle of workers from every industry from every nation. As workers from Turkey we are close witnesses of bitter consequences of privatisation of mines. In recent months, more than 300 workers in Soma, West of Turkey, were victims of lack of safety measures in privatised mines, due to the insatiable greed of the boss for more profit. And, because of the same greed, workers are condemned to low wages, terrible working conditions, social insecurity, de-unionisation and sub-contracted work. It is only though struggle we can stop all these. Although bosses and their state try to intimidate fighting workers by various pressures and arrests, they prove unable to beat the resolve of the working class. With our sincerest feelings we salute your dignified resistance and wish you success in your struggle.

Your struggle is ours!

Long live the international unity of the working class struggle!


30 August 2014