Solidarity Message to Doro-Chiba for 5-6 November Actions

Dear class brothers/sisters,

As your friends in UID-DER we salute with sincerest revolutionary feelings your determined struggle in a period when capitalism and governments at the service of capital drive the whole world into dire conditions of exploitation and hell of war.

Humanity faces the profoundest crisis ever created by capitalism. This is not only an economic crisis but a historical one deepened by political and social aspects. Every measure taken by the rulers to save themselves from the crisis makes life more unbearable for the toiling masses.

The imperialist war of partition, taking lives of millions of people and making millions of people refugees, spreads from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific region. Fascistic measures get increasingly the general norm across the world. Racism and xenophobia is on the rise. Income inequality increases exponentially. Chronic unemployment gets deeper with the youth most affected, which puts them in despair. Peasants who are left without their spaces of life and work, and nature plundered ruthlessly to the point of irreversible damage, are just but few in this bleak picture.

While we are through a process of fascist escalation in Turkey and thrown into the flames of war in the Middle East, we know that you are under intense attacks of the Abe government which is busy inflaming the Northeast Asian war in collaboration with the U.S. and South Korea. We also see that this government seeks to re-commission nuclear power plants despite the Fukushima disaster.

To tear down this dense darkness created by capitalism which is driven by a rabid lust for profit has become a life-and-death question for the working class. Therefore, heightening the international struggle and strengthening solidarity have become much more a burning task than ever.

Workers of the world must stand together in a united struggle under the banner of internationalism against capitalism.

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live international revolutionary struggle and solidarity of the working class!

Workers of all lands, unite!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UİD-DER)

20 October 2016