Solidarity Message to Doro-Chiba for Fukushima Action

Dear class brothers and sisters,

As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we salute your courageous and determined struggle against nuclear power plants. In the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, we extend our most heartfelt feelings of solidarity to Fukushima mothers and people.

We are all living under an exploitative system where capitalists drive humankind and nature towards destruction for profit. Capitalist exploiters did not care the lives of children and families in Fukushima. Just as they now do not care the lives of millions of people whom they kill in the ongoing Third World War, which they are carrying on in the Middle East for the time being and trying to spread to the Pacific region. They also force those millions of victims to leave their homelands and become refugees.

This is a murderous system and all workers across the world must unite against this system. Meeting of the hands of workers from Turkey and Japan across oceans in this united struggle will surely ring the death knell of this vicious system sooner. With these feelings we salute you again.

Down with capitalism!

Down with imperialist wars!

Long live the international struggle of the working class!

Long live the international class solidarity!

UİD-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

10 March 2016