Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 11 March Anti-Nuclear Action

Dear Class Brothers/Sisters,

As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we fully support your courageous and determined struggle against nuclear power plants you have been carrying on since the disaster in Fukushima. While we are carrying your voice to workers in Turkey as UID-DER, we are also fighting against nuclear power plants here in Turkey.

We are all living under an exploitative system where capitalists drive humankind and nature towards destruction for profit. Capitalist exploiters proved that they do not care the lives of children and families in Fukushima. This is a murderous system and all workers across the world must unite against this system and its nuclear power plants and its policies encouraging nuclear weapons. We believe that this is possible and the working class will be victorious one day.

Long live the international struggle of the working class!

Long live the international class solidarity!

UİD-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

10 March 2013