Solidarity Message to Polyacryl Workers

Dear class brothers and sisters,

As your class brothers/sisters in and around UID-DER, with most heartfelt feelings of solidarity we salute your honourable struggle going on for weeks. As workers from Turkey we want you to know that our hearts are with you.

Bosses and their states across the world care only for the calculations they make for more and more profit. They do not care about the fact that workers live in dire conditions in which they are deprived of job security and other most basic rights, that they are left jobless, that they fall victim to work accidents. The conditions in Iran are no different, and even worse. You, our dear class brothers/sisters, are forced to live and work under much harsher conditions. But the rulers have never been able to suppress the struggle of the working class in Iran, as well as elsewhere in the world. And you are a live example of this.

As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey, where de-unionisation, outsourcing and all kinds of usurpation of rights are rampant, we also fight this system of slavery and cry out that this struggle is an international one. Any injustice done to a worker in any corner of the world, any assault, is done to all of us.

Dear worker brothers/sisters,

We wholeheartedly support your demands that are raised in your honourable struggle. You can be sure that our association will try to let your voice be heard by workers in Turkey. Your tenacity is ours, your determination is ours, and your success will be ours as well! In this faith we wish you success in your struggle.

Long live the honourable struggle of Polyacryl workers!

Long live the international struggle of the working class!

Down with capitalist system of wage-slavery!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

9 December 2013