Solidarity Message of the UİD-DER Women’s Committee to Fukushima Mothers

Dear mothers,

You are waging an honourable struggle, expressing the feelings of the working class all over the world. As UID-DER (The Association of International Workers’ Solidarity) from Turkey we extend our hands of solidarity to you. We completely share your sorrow and support your struggle. As part of this we organized a campaign among the working class in Turkey and collected 12000 signatures against nuclear power plants on the basis of Doro-Chiba statement. We are informed that you will be given the signature leaves that we sent to Doro-Chiba. We hope this will help your struggle against greedy Japanese capitalists.

The real reason behind the fact that tens of thousands of our class brothers/sisters were killed in Fukushima was not the tsunami but this social system that is called capitalism. Masters of this capitalist order do not pay slightest attention to people’s lives. Their main concern is always their profits and their system. Therefore we must fight against this system in order to prevent humanity and nature from destruction and try to build a new one free of greed, exploitation and oppression, a new society based on equality, solidarity and freedom.

We salute you

In struggle and solidarity

UID-DER Women’s Committee

22 October 2011