Solidarity With Iranian Workers Keeps On

Trade unionists, intellectuals, artists, academics and representatives of those parties and associations symphatetic to labour cause keep offering their support to the campaign in defense of Iranian workers launched by the Association of International Workers' Solidarity (UID-DER). As we present here the second part of the list of signatures we thank the signatories who show their solidarity with Iranian working class.

Ekber BAYRAK: Owner and Editor in Chief of the monthly journal Marksist Tutum

Simay ÇEKEM: Turkish Union of Civil Aviation Workers (Hava-İş), Deputy Chairman

Sezgin UZUN: Hava-İş, Chair of İstanbul Anatolian Side Branch

Ayhan UYGUN: Hava-İş, Member of Executive Committee

Ayhan BİLGEN: Democratic Constitution Movement (DAH), Member of Executive Committee

Aziz ÇELİK: Assistant Professor doctor, Kocaeli University

Erol KATIRCIOĞLU: Prof. Dr., Columnist in daily Taraf and in member of Academic Staff in İstanbul Bilgi University

Ender KESKİNKARDEŞLER: Hava-İş, Member of Central Disciplinary Committee

Ergül ALKILIÇ: Hava-İş, Consultant of Financial Affairs

Nilüfer YILMAZ: Hava-İş, Member of Executive Committee of İstanbul Anatolian Side Branch

Kemal ÜLKER: Hava-İş, Union expert in Foreign Relations

Mustafa AĞTUŞ: Turkish Union of Social Insurances, Education, Bureau, Commerce, Cooperatives and Fine Arts Workers (Sosyal-İş), Chair of İstanbul Branch

Zülfikar TAŞDEMİR: Steel Workers Union (Çelik-İş), Chair of İstanbul Branch 1

Şükrü ŞENKAYA: Press, Broadcasting, Media and Postal Workers Union (Haber-Sen), Member of Control Commission of Anatolian Side Branch

Muzaffer HALİSDEMİR: Haber-Sen, Member of Executive Committe of Anatolian Side Branch

Mustafa TURGUT: Education and Science Workers’ Union (Eğitim-Sen), Chair of Branch 8

Şule BAYKAL: Hava-İş, Union Representative on the shop floor in Turkish Airways

Abdulhakim DAŞ: Chair of East and Southeast Associations (DGD) Platform

Şeref YILDIZ: DGD, Member of Executive Committee

Saadet ÖZSOY: All Municipality Workers’ Union (Tüm Bel-Sen), Chair of Branch 4

Hüseyin TOSU: Eğitim-Sen, Chair of İstanbul Branch 3

Emin EKİNCİ: Eğitim-Sen, Chair of Branch 7

Olgun BALLIKAYA: Motor Vehicle Workers’ Union of Turkey (TÜMTİS), Union Representative on the shop floor in UPS

Aslan ŞİRİN: : Food Workers’ Union (Tek Gıda-İş), Chair of İstanbul Anatolian Side Branch

Hasan GENÇAY: Union of United Metal Workers (BMİS), Secretary of Gebze Branch

Ali GÜNDÜZ: BMİS, Gebze Branch Treasurer

Turgut FİDANCI: Turkish Union of Military Industry Workers (Harb-İş), Secretary of İstanbul Anatolian Side Branch

13 April 2012