Soma Mine Tragedy: IWSN Message to UID-DER

IWSN’s message of sympathy and condolences on the Soma mine disaster in Turkey

To our dear class brothers and sisters of UID-DER

The tragic events of the past few days have shown us clearly, and in the most heart-rending way, how important the UID-DER campaign publicising workplace accidents is. The totally unnecessary death of 282 miners (so far) in Soma is a direct result of the flouting of health and safety measures by the mine’s owners. They, and the government that has allowed them to run the mine in this way, are solely responsible for the death of these workers and the future financial security of their families.

We send you and the families of the Soma miners our heart-felt sympathy and condolences and hope that this most tragic of events gives the campaign to highlight and end workplace accidents a new impetus.

Industrial accidents are not destiny!

Stop workers dying of workplace accidents!

Long live the international unity and struggle of the working class!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN)

15 May 2014