To our dear class brothers/sisters in Japan who wage an honourable struggle

To our dear class brothers/sisters in Japan who wage an honourable struggle,

70 years ago in hot days of August American imperialism carried out a massacre in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the sorrow of which is still burns in our hearts. After his slaughter capitalist rulers said that a lesson was drawn from this disaster and that there would be no disaster like that. But this was a big lie and the race for nuclear armament continued with increasing pace.

Although capitalist states give the impression that they aim at putting an end to use of nuclear arms through “nuclear disarmament” treaties, what they call disarmament is nothing but producing new ones in place of the outmoded ones.

Modern nuclear bombs have a thousand-fold greater destructive power than those ones thrown at Japan. At present imperialists keep such a huge nuclear arsenal that could annihilate the world more than once. Capitalist greed for profit indicates that it will make no bones about drawing the world into disaster.

We know that these black clouds will not be scattered, these disasters will not come to an end unless the working class wipes off capitalism together with its wars. Therefore we wage a struggle to overthrow capitalism and build a new world without classes, exploitation, wars. This struggle is an international struggle that you are part of, and we, as your class brothers/sisters in Turkey, send you our most sincere greetings. We wish you success in your struggle against Abe government which is warmonger and keen on nuclear power plants.

In struggle and solidarity,

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UİD-DER)

29 July 2015