UİD-DER’s Solidarity Message: Turkish Airlines (THY) Workers are not Alone!

Negotiations between Turkish Airlines (THY) and Hava-İş (Civil Aviation Workers’ Union) have come to a deadlock and Hava-İş has gone on strike since 15 May. THY management and the government put pressure on workers for them not to join the strike. Atatürk Airport is under police siege. THY management keep sending text messages to workers in order to demoralise and frustrate them. And unions and democratic mass organisations are taking side with the workers and Hava-İş. UID-DER published a statement in solidarity with THY workers and Hava-İş. Below is the solidarity message of UID-DER:

You combative workers who did not allow the attempt to ban strikes and buckle down in face of dismissals; you courageous workers of Turkish Airlines and Hava-İş who call out “Resistance and Strike” against the attacks of bosses... As the Association of International Workers’ Solidarity, we salute your strike with our deepest feelings of solidarity

The attacks of Turkish Airlines management, such as dismissals, restriction of union rights, strike bans, increased pressure and threats, longer working hours, unhealthy working conditions, subcontracting, occupational illnesses and workplace accidents, are just a part of the wave of attacks that have been carried out by the government of bosses against all workers. We have to break this wave, we have to stop these attacks. Aviation industry is key in pushing back these attacks. Success of this strike will show the real power of the working class to the exploitative bosses and their government. Both aviation workers and Turkish working class will see their own power coming from production in gaining their rights. They will have confidence in themselves and their own class and be more willing to get united and organise. On the other hand, the bourgeois media and the government try to mislead the public in an attempt to present the strike as against the passengers but not against the attacks of THY management and capitalists. This way they are trying to play off workers against each other and slandering their righteous struggle.

Not content with all these, the anti-worker THY management put the airport under police siege and is trying to break the strike by preventing the striking workers, trade-union officials and supporters from entering the airport. These repressive and antidemocratic methods will not help the THY management to achieve its aims!

The so called success story of THY was achieved on the basis of wild exploitation of workers and grabbing their rights. For that reason THY management is worried about the success of the aviation workers’ struggle. This is exactly why the success of the strike is very important. Determined struggle and success of THY workers will overcome all lies and bans and be an example for the entire working class. Therefore, brothers/sisters, this strike belongs to all of us!

We wish great success to Hava-İş, the trade union that has led the organising and struggle of aviation workers and to THY workers who heightened their struggle and embraced their union. Long live the THY strike!

Workers united cannot be defeated!

Long live our organised struggle!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

20 May 2013