UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s Play “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come” Staged in Switzerland.

UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s play, “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come”, was staged in Switzerland by a group of young Turkish socialist migrant workers. The young migrant workers who wanted to commemorate the Great 15-16 June Resistance sent us an e-mail informing us about their intention to perform a play in the Culture and Art Festival they will organise. They asked for UİD-DER’s help saying: “we are going to organise a culture and art festival in June in Switzerland. We, as a young and amateur group of music and theatre, want to perform several sketches or a short play. We have difficulty to find dramas and scenarios in Turkish that are written about important struggles and experiences of workers. Do you have this kind of dramas and scenarios? And if you do, will you please send us them? We are looking forward to your reply. Best regards. The Youth Group”    

We wholeheartedly welcomed their request and sent them the scenario of a play of UID-DER Workers’ Theatre, “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come,” and some audio-visual materials introducing UİD-DER’s work. Despite their limited means the members of the youth group did their best in that short time and staged the play. The play performed in the festival was received enthusiastically and applauded. The performance of the young cast was found very impressive.      

After the festival the youth group sent us an e-mail: “… The Culture and Art Festival that we organised in commemoration of 15-16 June was very successful, massive and enthusiastic. “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come” was received very well by the audience. We thank you again for your solidarity. Because it is, unfortunately, difficult to send you the video of the performance, we want to share some photos of it.”  

20 October 2013