UID-DER’s Condolence Message to Japanese Workers

Dear class brothers and sisters

We have heard that 5 workers have died and 17 workers were injured in an explosion in Mitsubishi plant in Yokkaichi. As UİD-DER we extend our condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives and to the Japanese working class. And we wish a quick recovery for the injured. We share your grief and rage.

During our campaign against work accidents we kept emphasizing that work accidents are not destiny and bosses do not take adequate precautionary measures as they do not care for workers lives. We have learned that there had been a report about the Yokkaichi plant in 2010, indicating there was excessive gas pressure and that there was an attempt to close the plant for several months. Now it appears that adequate measures have not been taken.

Capitalist production for profit keeps taking workers’ lives by work accidents, nuclear power plants and wars all over the world. To stop workers dying of work accidents depends on the struggle of the working class. We condemn the atrocity in Yokkaichi and declare that we will keep our fight to bring down this system of exploitation.

In solidarity.

12 January 2014