Workers’ Solidarity on the 67th Anniversary of Hiroshima

On the 67th anniversary of the dropping of A-bomb by the USA to Hiroshima (6 August) our Japanese class brothers/sisters held a big mass meeting to protest imperialist wars, nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. Main slogans of the meeting were “Abolish all nuke now! No to restarts of nuclear power plants! Crash Noda Administration!”. We, as UID-DER, also sent a solidarity message to this meeting. Japanese Railway Workers Union Doro-Chiba sent the following answer to our solidarity message before the meeting:

Dear our friends of UID-DER,

Thanks a lot for your heartfelt and powerful message!

We’ll read out your message at a massive rally in Hiroshima on the coming August 6.

In Solidarity,

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba

H. Yamamoto

Despite the terrible disaster in the Fukushima nuclear power plant the capitalist government led by the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda was arrogant enough to restart the nuclear power plants. There have been many mass protests in Japan against nuclear power plants by hundreds of thousands of toilers during the last year. While protests continue, international class solidarity continues as well. For the 6 August rally Brazilian class brothers/sisters also sent a solidarity message to Japanese brothers/sisters. Here is the message sent by the union CSP-Conlutas:

Abolish All Nuclear Power Plants! Close All US Military Bases!

Brothers and Sisters

In the 67th anniversary of the criminal A-bombing on Hiroshima and Nagazaki, the CSP-Conlutas, a Brazilian labor and people's federation, stands in solidarity with the Japanese workers and people who are opposing the restart of Nuclear Power Plants announced by Noda administration.

In order to save TEPCO profits, Noda administration accepts to put at risk the lives of the Japanese people.

That is unacceptable!

On top of that Noda administration is keeping the agreements with Obama administration to keep the US military basis in Okinawa against the will of the people.

The CSP-Conlutas stands side by side with the Japanese workers demanding NO MORE FUKUSHIMAs! NO MORE US MILITARY BASIS IN JAPANESE LAND!

Solidarity forever,

Dirceu Travesso

on behalf of CSP-Conlutas

Sao Paulo (Brazil), August 1st 2012

We always underline: All workers in world are brothers/sisters and an injury to one is an injury to all of us. Hence international solidarity of the working class is very important. Capitalist class cannot endure in the face of the international solidarity and struggle of the world working class.

Long live the international unity of struggle of the working class!

13 August 2012