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Workers Struggle In Sincan

Hi. We are non-unionized workers from Sincan who are coping with the rats of the boss and campaigning to unionize the workplace with the support of UID-DER. Our struggle still continues despite the suppression of the boss and we are determined to fight to the end. There are a lot to change and fight for in our factory. However, with the determination of brother and sister workers, we will overcome all of them. At this point there are big responsibilities to shoulder for both: us workers and also the fellow workers from UID-DER who will guide us.

Initially, we made a protest which was never seen before in the factory: a signature campaign for better meal. But during this protest, the boss fired one of us. Nevertheless, we haven’t given up the fight and will not. Our fundamental duty is to raise consciousness among our fellow workers and to save them from the enslavement of capitalism. Whatever the cost, we will keep up this struggle.

Down with capitalism!

Long live the working class!

9 March 2010