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Shahrokh Zamani transferred to Rejai Shahr prison’s infirmary

After 44 days on hunger strike Shahrokh Zamani’s physical condition deteriorated further and he was transferred to the infirmary of Rejai Shahr prison in Karaj on April 20.

Since he has lost 22kg, one of Shahrokh’s former fellow prisoners at first did not recognise him and was shocked to see him in this state. According to reports from Rejai Shahr prison Shahrokh is very weak and is also suffering from some vision loss due to the continuing hunger strike.

We appeal to all trade unionists, socialists, women’s, students’ and LGBT activists, to call on the blood-soaked Iranian regime to release Shahrokh Zamani and all other class-war prisoners immediately and unconditionally. We hold the Iranian regime’s officials responsible for the well-being of imprisoned labour activists like Shahrokh and they will one day be held accountable for their crimes against the working class.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

21 April 2014

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