May Day Message From Solidarity Committees with Workers Movement in Iran

Long Live May Day

Today is May 1st, the world workers day, the international proletariat solidarity day, the First day of workers new year, workers festival…. Festival?

A festival, for millions of workers liviing below the poverty line.

A festival, for workers receiving minimum wages without any say in these matters.

A festival, for billions Rials of workers wealth in social insurance is taken away by capitalists looters.

A festival, for millions of unemployed workers putting up with the inhumane capitalist conditions and satisfied with a morsel of bread.

A festival, in which women oppressed by extortion, suffer and do not even receive the same wages of male workers.

A festival, in which migrant workers of regional countries are in fact slaves, oppressed by extortion and degradation, without any rights.

A festival, in which millions of children are born to impoverished families and forced to work on streets or forced into heavy labour instead of seating in classrooms.

A festival, in which workers are denied the right to organize, to strike and to protest.

A festival, in which even the least protest and demand for justice lead to expulsion, reparation and imprisonment, torture and death. (Reza Shahabi)

A festival ,in which we deny treatment and recovery to imprisoned workers who are seriously ill. (Mohammad Jarahi)

A festival, in which imprisoned workers are denied visitation rights even when their children have cancer. (Behnam Ebrahimzadeh)

A festival, in which a champion worker was on hunger strike more than a month, to protest of inhumane and medieval conditions are ignored . (Shahrokh Zamani)

A festival in which …

This festival is held at the corner of the world called Iran, in reflection of similar festivals in other parts of the world. The anti- proletariat global system of capital, greatly increasing looting, plundering and exploitation, and workers destined to poverty and being denied their rights, which this system leads to and thus to the counter festival of 1st of May.

So that May Day gains in meaning every year.

But the international working class, because of its inherent unity, because of its common destiny, and because of its shared pains, despite all this, come together on this day, to renew their vows by shouting the historic slogan: "Workers of the world unite", and stand up for their lost rights, to be freed from imprisonment, to defend their right to independent organizations, to demand a humane life, and finally to overthrow the inhumane capitalism system, and for an achievable Socialism, united and in unison with never-ending energy and effort. The screams of united workers around the world that “Enough is enough” declare the arrival of May 1st and the true worker’s festival.

Long live 1st of May!

Workers of the world unite!

Imprisoned workers must be released!

Solidarity Committees with Workers Movement in Iran – abroad

May 2014

27 April 2014