Call for Endorsement of and Participation in Anti-Nuclear Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2015

Restart of nuclear power plants, war and dismissal: enough is enough! Let’s rise up and forge solidarity!

Four years have passed since the disaster on the March 11. People in Fukushima are raging. Evacuees amount to 130,000, of which 30,000 people are living in “temporary” housings. People are deprived of hometowns, farmlands, livelihood, lives worth living.

Radioactivity spreads widely. Contaminated water is leaking day by day. Fukushima people feel angry against the Abe administration’s policy of restarting nuclear power plants. It is said that Fukushima people are usually patient, but they are now boiling with anger from the bottom of the heart.

The government and the TEPCO have been driving wedges between raging people in Fukushima, using evacuability, amount of damages and all other differences and escalating their propaganda from “safe nuclear power” to “safe radioactivity.”

Under the name of “disaster restoration”, they invited the Olympics to Japan, saying “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident site is under control” national festivals have been holding in Fukushima prefecture. They only trumpet empty boast: “tens of trillion yen economic effect of the Games.” There remains a mountain of far more urgent work to be done for Fukushima than the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Their slogan “Fukushima people are one and together” cannot whitewash criminal assaults on people in Fukushima by the local administration as well as the central government and vested interests there, and deflect people's anger.

The government is promoting forced return of the evacuees to their hometowns. And, the “decontamination” has become the means of profiteering by big corporations. Many workers have been forcibly exposed to radiation.

It is astonishing that Route 6 next to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant was reopened. Only the cars which close windows according to the administrative order are permitted to pass through.

Barricades are put on the entrance of the side roads of Route 6. It is prohibited to stop cars. Furthermore, they say “don’t pass the route without necessity”. Then when do they let cars pass through such a highly radioactive zone!

Almost empty trains without passengers are running toward the contaminated area in very proximity of the nuclear plant. The landscape of hometown becomes black mountains of radioactive waste packed in the flexible container bags.

Why do you force the residents to return to a contaminated area? – Doro-Mito (National Railway Motive Power Union of Mito) rose up for strikes on May 10 and 31 protesting the reopening of the earthquake-stricken and disrupted rail track between Tatsuta Station (Naraha Town), located 16 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, and Hirono Station. Doro-Mito’s strikes encourage people of Naraha Town and Fukushima people at large. The nuclear plant workers and the decontamination workers are eventually starting to stand up.

We tend to get used to current situation. However, we cannot allow the existence of the radioactive materials. Thehealth of children have been certainly undermined.

Despite the very fact that 103 children were diagnosed with thyroid cancer or its suspicion, Fukushima Medical University never admits the causal relation between the disease and the nuclear accident. What an outrageous thing it is!

Fukushima Collaborative Clinic was opened, confronting with such terrible circumstances; it became the most credible and reliable facility for people who are anxious about daily radioactive exposure.

The cabinet recently decided the admission to exercise the right to collective self-defense force. In line with this decision, they are promoting nuclear power plant generating for the purpose of developing atomic bombs.

With an aim of preparing for war, the Abe administration exercises all kind of reactionary policies.

Ms. Miyako Jodai, A-bomb victim in Nagasaki, addressed in front of the prime minister at the last Nagasaki bombing anniversary ceremony on August 9, “it is an outrage that the cabinet decided to allow exercise of the right to collective self-defense trampling the pacifist constitution”.

Following the legislation of the State Secret Act, the administration is introducing draft bills one after another to keep us under draconian surveillance and control.

The onslaughts are ongoing: the amendment of Worker Dispatch Law, the consumption tax increase, the casualization of total employment and reactionary revision of the pension system. Abe administration’s final destination is to wage war.

We never stay obedient to Abe’s schedule for war.

We are beginning to struggle, raising voices and acting together.

There have been many rallies in protest at about 140 places around the country and in front of the prime-minister’s office every Friday. Since the March 11 2011, the movements of abolishing all nuclear plants have been developing widely.

Let’s raise voices in workplaces, communities and campuses! Let’s abolish all nuclear plants! Let’s stop restarting of Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima prefecture! Don’t allow Abe administration’s reactionary policies! Let’s speak out and build a proud and brilliant future!

Let’s turn mounting rage into action together!

March 11, is the day of action. People in Fukushima unite and act together with all the people on the earth to abolish all nuclear plants and nuclear weapons and to change the whole world.

Let’s act on the day together with children, students, parents, residents in temporary housing, farmers, fishers and all workers!

10 March 2015