Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 11 March Action

Our dear friends of Doro-Chiba and Japanese class brothers and sisters,

As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we salute and support with all our heart and soul the honorable struggle you have been waging for 4 years against nuclear power plants since the Fukushima disaster.

We know that the real reason behind the fact that tens of thousands of our class brothers/sisters were killed in Fukushima was not the tsunami but capitalism. Masters of this capitalist order do not pay slightest attention to human life. They plunge all humanity and nature into annihilation for the sake of their own interests and profits.

The future of humanity and its destiny cannot be left to the hands of these exploiters. The fight for a clean, liveable nature is an inextricable part of the working class struggle against capitalism. It is necessary for all workers of the world to unite against and fight this criminal capitalist system and its bloody nuclear schemes. This struggle gains strength all over the world from Turkey to Japan, and the end of this blood-sucking system is coming near.

Long live the international struggle of the working class!

Long live international class solidarity!

UİD-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

10 March 2015