Campaigning for safety at work

Our Turkish comrades in UID-DER have recently sent us two copies of a new DVD. The DVD, “Forward to struggle and solidarity against work accidents!” is a documentation of a campaign they are running.

This video footage offers insight into important and vibrant campaign that aims to educate workers about why workplace accidents happen and why they are not inevitable. It encourages workers to pressure governments into legislating for health and safety in work places.

The video details the concrete actions of the campaign and the conference UID-DER held afterwards. It never shies away from the broader overarching message that the capitalist class will sacrifice workers for profit and that the only way this will stop is if the organised working class fight to achieve socialism.

The struggle for unionisation and health and safety is one that is shared by all the workers of the world. All socialists can learn something very important about this international campaign from our comrades in UID-DER.

Workers’ Liberty urges people to borrow this DVD and show it in your union branches etc., have discussions about the work of our international comrades and take inspiration from them.

To borrow one of the copies, please email


16 June 2014