International Support for UID-DER’s Solidarity Campaign with Aviation Workers

UID-DER’s solidarity campaign under the slogans “Stop Strike bans and repression of trade-union activity” is arousing interest on an international level. Through our association’s website many people on the national level keep sending protest messages to the government and the management of Turkish Airlines in solidarity with the aviation workers. And apart from international messages of protest, there are also international messages of solidarity with the aviation workers sent to our association to be conveyed to them. Branch chair of Heathrow Airport workers, Gilaine Young, says the following:

“We must not allow our governments to decide which workers can and cannot take action to defend and improve their jobs and conditions. Aviation workers must not be prevented from exercising their right to withdraw their labour.

“Solidarity with Turkish aviation workers, from your fellow aviation workers in the UK!

“Gilaine Young

“Branch Chair, PCS NATS Heathrow”

Another trade-union from Japan, Doro-Chiba, which launched a petition campaign to shut down all nuclear plants in Japan and tried to expand it onto the international level, also sent a solidarity message showing that aviation workers are not alone. UID-DER carried on the campaign “Shut-down all nuclear plants now” in Turkey and showed its solidarity with Japanese workers. Now Doro-Chiba sends its message to aviation workers via UID-DER and says:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters of Hava-İş,

“The global economic crisis is now precipitating headlong into “the double-dip recession”.

“Irreconcilability of capitalist rule and workers’ lives has been revealed clearer day by day in the public.

“Stop the ban on strikes of aviation workers!

“Immediately reinstate the fired aviation workers!

“No to privatization, outsourcing and irregular employment!

“Force all nuclear plants decommissioned!

“In Struggle and Solidarity,

“International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba”

UID-DER defends the international unity and solidarity of the working class and tries to put it into practice. Our association will hand these solidarity messages which are significant examples of international workers’ solidarity to Hava-İş and aviation workers.

26 June 2012