Struggle of Aviation Workers Continues With Actions

Actions of sacked 305 THY’s workers which are members of Hava-İş (Civil Aviation Workers Union), resisting to strike ban and defending their rights, continue. On 24th June, under leadership of some trade-unions which have an opponent position against the central bureaucracy of Türk-İş confederation, a solidarity activity was carried out to support aviation workers. Beside UID-DER, some trade-unions under DISK and KESK confederations, as well as trade-union officials and workers’ representatives operating in petro-chemical, transport, leather, health, educations sectors also attended the action. UİD-DER was the most crowded supporter and backbone of the action.

Before press statement, convoy was arranged to block entrance of Atatürk Airport International Arrivals. The press meeting was given after gathering trade unions and democratic mass organizations in action place at 17:00. spoke. In his speech, Hava-İş General Organization Secretary Kaya Sayın said:

“There is no strike ban at aviation sector in any country. AKP government put through this ban on 30th May. The act immediately approved by The President of Republic on Saturday June 2 and issued in Official Journal on Sunday June 3. If ban on strike had not issued on 3rd June, strike decision would put into action.”

Kaya Sayın emphasized that strike ban brought disadvantages for workers: “This ban means pressure on workers, it allows them to do everything as they wish, and impose normlessness. Those are will of THY management. Day-to-day diminishing gained rights, flight safety are weakened. The more assignment to flight staff is imposed by management, the less rest is getting by staff. It brings unqualified and cheap staff rather than sufficient number of qualified staff. Increasing pressure, seizing gained rights, normlessness abolishes peace at work.”

An UİD-DER delegate spoke at press meeting. In her speech, she saluted to aviation worker and said that: “Hello, my fellows! I am wholeheartedly saluting to all of you in the name of members of Association of International Workers’ Solidarity who are both now here and not here. I bring their message to you. They said that if aviation workers as our fellows bravely struggle against THY management, Prime Minister of this country, government and bosses, we as members of UİD-DER never step back to support your struggle. We are sincerely and respectfully saluting to all of you. We wish that you will be successful in your struggle.”

UİD-DER side with aviation workers with massive participation and songs of struggle

UİD-DER members who came from workers districts of Kocaeli and İstanbul carried “Heighten the Fight with the Spirit of 15-16 June against Strike Bans and Repression of Union Activity!” and “Women are at Frontline in Struggle” banners. They marched from THY regional administration building to action place. During the march and at the picked line, UİD-DER members expressed their solidarity with aviation workers with many slogans: “Turkish Airlines workers are not alone”, “Stop political and trade-union bans”, “Crisis-War-Unemployment, workers power is the only solution”, “Job security for all workers”, “Workers die as capital grows! Down with the domination of capital”, “Higher wages, shorter working hours”, “Workers of the World, Unite”.

While UİD-DER was marching towards the aviation workers’ picket line with “THY workers are not alone!” slogan, the aviation workers were greeting to UİD-DER with “Long live class solidarity!”. UİD-DER comes too early to stand by the aviation workers in action place. After greeting, UİD-DER Worker Chorus firstly sang “Havada Direniş Var” (“There is a spirit of fight in the air”) song, which is arranged by UİD-DER Worker Chorus, then a lot of songs of struggle. The aviation workers showed an great interest in “Havada Direniş Var” song. Again and again, they sang altogether. Great enthusiasm covered everyone.

After press meeting, UİD-DER marched side by side with aviation workers. After marching, UİD-DER and the aviation workers came back the picked line, joined the ring of Halay en masse and shouted out slogans.

7 July 2012