May Day Message from IWSN to UID-DER

To our dear class brothers and sisters

Once again we are celebrating May Day aware of a year of struggles that has included both victories and defeats. Every day the capitalists are bringing about the ever closer integration of the working class on a world scale and also the technology to share the experiences and struggles of workers in far away lands. We can now also become aware of the pain and tragedy of workers in countries like Bangladesh within minutes.

The capitalists' drive for bigger profits across many borders also inevitably brings about the conditions for building greater and deeper international solidarity of workers. Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network believes that the way to not only prevent tragedies like the collapse of the factory building in Dhaka or to resists attacks on pay and conditions, but to go forward to new victories and improvements in working and living conditions, is to forge closer links with associations like UID-DER so that we can work together towards greater unity and solidarity of the working class. This is the way that we can make sure solidarity continues beyond May Day and boosts struggles every day of the year.

Long live the international unity and struggle of the working class!

Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network (IWSN)

30 April 2013