Our May Day Message to Citroen Aulnay Strikers

Dear class brothers/sisters,

We salute you with our warmest feelings of solidarity. We wish you victory in your determined strike you have been carrying on for months and we also greet your May Day. Our Association (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity) composed of fighting workers from diverse industries advocates that attacks of the bourgeoisie on a global level can only be pushed back through accomplishing international unity of the working class. In our website ( we are following your struggle closely and trying to make your voice heard.

Brothers/sisters, you are not alone in your struggle. As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey who face and try to oppose similar attacks in an organised and determined manner, we are wholeheartedly on your side and support your struggle.

Let us tell you that we will be pleased to publish reports and letters you may wish to send us in our website.

Long Live Class Struggle!

Organised Struggle of Workers Will Beat Capital!

Long Live the International Unity of Struggle of the Working Class!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

24 April 2013