Our May Day Message to IWSN and Solidarity

Our dear class brothers/sisters,

Capital is on the offensive everywhere against the gains of the world working class. The gains achieved during long years of struggle. Hunger and misery, joblessness, inequality, all social illnesses are rampant now.

We consider May Day an occasion for us to show our anger, and determination to fight, against the capitalist world order which is the source of all major social illnesses. It is also an occasion for us to enthusiastically chant the aspiration of the working class for a new world without classes, exploitation, wars and oppression, which is indicated by the course of history.

It is our strongest fate that we can achieve this world by international unity, struggle and solidarity. In this belief we send our greetings of May Day to you.

Long live May Day, international struggle day of the working class!

Workers of all countries, Unite!

Association of International Workers’ Unity (UID-DER)

30 April 2014