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May Day Message to IWSN

Our dear Iranian class brothers/sisters,

It is May Day and today our class brothers/sisters all over the world take to the streets as one voice, one heart. They raise their voices and vow that they will not bow down before the attacks of the bosses. They come together to stop joblessness, poverty and repression. They say they do not want to kill and die in imperialist wars. They say no to capitalist exploitation.

As workers from UID-DER we join our voices with the voices of the world working class too. We raise high our demands together with Iranian, Rojavan and Syrian workers who are present among us and keep the flag of internationalism high. On the occasion of this important day we send our most sincere feelings of solidarity to you, our Iranian class brothers/sisters.

Long live May Day! Long live socialism!

Long live international solidarity!

UID-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

1 May 2015