Thanks from Doro-Chiba

(02.08.2015) Thank you very much for sending your powerful and heartfelt solidarity message! We'll translate and distribute this to all participants to the rally.

To our dear class brothers/sisters in Japan who wage an honourable struggle

(29.07.2015) 70 years ago in hot days of August American imperialism carried out a massacre in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the sorrow of which is still burns in our hearts.

Appeal for August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action – 70th Anniversary of A-bombing

(29.07.2015) Nuclear power plants as well as other facilities for nuclear weapons inherently require radiation exposure of workers. Without their work, nuclear facilities cannot exist. The struggle against radiation–exposed work will build international solidarity of workers to stop nuclear wars and also...

Over 2000 Teachers Protest Outside Iranian Regime’s “Parliament”

(24.07.2015) On July 22 over 2000 teachers protested outside the Iranian regime’s “parliament” on Baharestan Square. Over 100 were arrested after they were beaten by police.

Joint Statement of Japanese and Korean Railway Workers against Privatization

(07.06.2015) We, Japanese and Korean railway workers, have determined to issue a Joint Statement to declare our will for crushing the privatization, deregulation in the public sector and neoliberal labor policy, and to stand up for solidarity with workers of the world struggling against capitalist attack.

Solidarity Message from Japanese Railway Workers to Turkish Metal Workers

(24.05.2015) Brothers and sisters, fighting metal workers and workers of UID-DER, We send you a heartfelt message of international solidarity to support metal workers, including cooperating workers, who stand up for organizing an independent union by overthrowing the fascist union’s bondage.

IWSN’s Solidarity Message to Turkish Metal Workers

(19.05.2015) To the metal workers of Turkey

Metal Workers Shake the Ground

(21.05.2015) Movement of metal workers in Bursa, heartland of automotive industry in Turkey, sends tremors through the whole metal industry in Turkey. Workers of biggest industrial companies such as Renault, Fiat and some others have already started unofficial strikes and also of other factories including...

May Day in Gebze, UID-DER Vigour at May Day!

(06.05.2015) To celebrate May Day, hundreds of millions of workers across the world took to the streets and raised their voices against exploitation and repression by capitalist system and for unity, solidarity and struggle. This year’s celebration in Gebze, a worker’s town, was much more massive and vibrant...

IWSN’s May Day Message to UİD-DER

(01.05.2015) Our dear class brothers and sisters in Turkey,...


What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile,...