Campaigning for safety at work

(16.06.2014) Our Turkish comrades in UID-DER have recently sent us two copies of a new DVD. The DVD, “Forward to struggle and solidarity against work accidents!” is a documentation of a campaign they are running. This video footage offers insight into important and vibrant campaign that aims to educate...

A Workers’ May Day in Turkey

(23.05.2014) On May Day tens of thousands of workers in many towns and cities across Turkey voiced their demands and anger against capital and the AKP government, as a manifestation of undying tradition of May Day despite all repression and bans. However in Istanbul, the heartland of the working class in...

Soma Mine Tragedy: IWSN Message to UID-DER

(15.05.2014) To our dear class brothers and sisters of UID-DER. The tragic events of the past few days have shown us clearly, and in the most heart-rending way, how important the UID-DER campaign publicising workplace accidents is. The totally unnecessary death of 282 miners (so far) in Soma is a direct...

Soma Mine Disaster: Massacre at Work!

(17.05.2014) On 13 May capitalist system of exploitation has taken lives of around 300 workers in a coal mine “accident” in Soma, a town in western Turkey. There are unknown number of workers still trapped in the mine. This is the biggest massacre of workers in the form of “work accident” in the history of...

May Day Message from IWSN

(02.05.2014) Our dear class brothers and sisters in Turkey, Our fellow labour activists in UID-DER, For a fourth year most Iranian workers have been unable to hold any public meetings or demonstrations celebrating May Day, International Workers' Day. Even the pro-regime Labour House was not given a permit to...

Shahrokh Zamani Ends His Hunger Strike After 47 Days

(30.04.2014) At 11am today, Wednesday April 23 2014, Shahrokh Zamani talked to his mother on the phone for the first time since she left hospital. After exchanging greetings Ms Zarin Nejati told Shahrokh of the message from workers’ organisations and his family and friends.

May Day Message from Doro-Chiba to UID-DER

(30.04.2014) Dear all friends of UID-DER, Thank you for sending us an encouraging May Day message. Under the unprecedented global depression, governments all over the world are desperately intensifying assault on workers—privatization, outsourcing, casualization, and violent union-busting.

Our May Day Message to Doro-Chiba

(30.04.2014) Our dear class brothers/sisters, We celebrate your May Day which is a day of unity, struggle and solidarity for the working class. The working class can only resist the attacks of the bourgeoisie through an organised and determined stance.

Our May Day Message to IWSN and Solidarity

(30.04.2014) Our dear class brothers/sisters, Capital is on the offensive everywhere against the gains of the world working class. The gains achieved during long years of struggle. Hunger and misery, joblessness, inequality, all social illnesses are rampant now.

May Day Message From Solidarity Committees with Workers Movement in Iran

(27.04.2014) Today is May 1st, the world workers day, the international proletariat solidarity day, the First day of workers new year, workers festival…. Festival? A festival, for millions of workers liviing below the poverty line. A festival, for workers receiving minimum wages without any say in these...


What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile,...