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To Our Egyptian Class Brothers/Sisters

Our dear Egyptian class brothers/sisters,

As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey we sincerely and enthusiastically salute your revolt against Mubarak dictatorship, which you have been carrying on for many days in great persistence and resolve. This revolt started by our Tunisian class brothers/sisters and carried further by you, raising the flag higher, scares the exploiters all over the world. But on the part of exploited masses it strengthens the faith that “we can”, strengthens the spirit of resistance, refreshes self-confidence.

By raising high the flag of revolt in factories, work places, streets, you are giving the best answer of the working class to those who say farewell to the working class, who say revolutionary mass mobilizations are a thing of the past. While imperialist powers acts in tight unity with the Egyptian rulers to survive the capitalist order of exploitation in Egypt, with or without Mubarak, our duty is to boost international solidarity in a most forceful way. As Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER) we think it is necessary to struggle in unity against attacks, oppression, exploitation and persecution aimed at the working class in our country, your country and all over the world. Bearing this in mind we are on your side with an internationalist spirit.

The working class is suffering under conditions of unemployment, poverty and severe exploitation all over the world. We know, as you do, that unless the bourgeois order is overthrown and a democratic power of the working class is established, it will not be possible for labourers to emancipate themselves from unemployment, poverty and persecution caused by capitalism. Our effort is to fulfil this objective and our struggle is the struggle to establish such a power all over the world. As UID-DER we will be very pleased to keep in touch with you in this common struggle.

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live our struggle for a world without classes, exploitation and borders!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)


15 February 2011