To Our Japanese Class Brothers/Sisters

Our dear class brothers/sisters,

As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey, we share your suffering and your completely justified anger against capitalist system which is responsible for the series of disasters in Japan. Added to the disaster caused by insufficient precautions against tsunami, now there is the nuclear disaster. We know that the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami were in no way unpreventable. And the nuclear disaster which came as a consequence of these two disasters, affecting the whole northern hemisphere, Japan and its immediate surrounding being the most, is completely a capitalist crime. This is in no way due to the inability of humankind in the face of the forces of nature. It is the capitalist system alone which is responsible for this nuclear disaster.

All these disasters clearly show that capital’s lust for profit leads the humankind to a total devastation. And as is always the case, it is workers who suffer most from all these disasters. We completely support your attitude of expressing the responsibility of capitalist system clearly and of calling on the working class to mobilise against this system.

As Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER) we think it is necessary to struggle in unity against attacks, oppression and exploitation aimed at the working class in our country, your country and all over the world. Bearing this in mind we are on your side with an internationalist spirit. As UID-DER we will be very pleased to keep in touch with you in this common struggle.

Close all nuclear plants now, stop building new ones!

Heighten the class struggle against capitalism which drives the world into total destruction!

Long live our common struggle for a world without classes, exploitation and borders!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)


9 April 2011