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Appeal of Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

Shut down ALL Nuclear Plants NOW!

Support 10 Million-Signature Campaign!

In Japan almost 30 thousand people lost their lives due to the earthquake on 11 March and the subsequent tsunami. And the radioactive material released from the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi has been threatening whole life throughout the country beginning with the region the power station located. Subterranean water, sea, food are being contaminated and certain radioactive material is spreading all over the world by winds, which show that humanity is faced with one of the gravest nuclear disasters of history. People of Japan, who experienced Hiroshima and Nagazaki where hundreds of thousands lost their lives, are now sacrificed by their own state and bosses for the sake of their greed for profit.

It is misleading and an insult to nature to call this a natural disaster. Mother Nature gave her warning signals time and again in Japan for earthquakes and tsunamis of such proportions. However, capitalists and their governments acting on the drive for profit did not take necessary precautions, which was by no means out of ignorance. As if all these are not enough, the bunch of blood suckers sacked thousands of workers from the factories that were damaged or unable to function due to power outage.

And Japanese capitalists and state are busy preaching “we need solidarity and unity in these hard days”. Japanese government puts an additional burden over the shoulders of toilers in the form of increased taxes under the pretext of “reconstruction”.

The forces of order are trying to make the working class keep silent in the face of this massacre caused by capitalism. But despite all their efforts they fail to silence those unions and workers with fighting spirit and Fukushima farmers. Our Japanese class brothers/sisters organised in militant unions say “Shut down ALL Nuclear Plants NOW!” and launch a campaign to collect 10 million signatures to this end:

“People are raging. All the workers are beginning to think out how to live in this critical time. What we need to do now is to create a huge labor movement that can stop nuclear plants. We must overthrow capitalism, which is not capable of surviving without nuclear plants.

Protest actions are spreading all over the world. “Fukushima warns. Shut down all nukes now!”—this is the common battle cry of global working class. Workers of the world, unite and overthrow imperialism that promotes nuclear plants!

Revive militant labor unions! Stop tax increase under the pretext of “reconstruction.” Smash the labor misleaders who promote so-called “reconstruction movement” that really is a relief for big business! We should create a massive movement against job cuts and nuclear plants!

Promote 10 million-signature campaign initiated by our friends in Hiroshima and Fukushima for immediate shut down of all nukes in our own workplaces, unions, communities!”

Let us be responsive to this cry of our Japanese class brothers/sisters. Let us speak up to shut down nuclear power plants immediately all over the world and stop the construction of new ones. Let us not allow new massacres. Add your signature to the list!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

20 July 2011