Solidarity Message to August 6th Hiroshima Grand Action

Dear Class Brothers and Sisters,

Today is the 67. anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb to Hiroshima and our world is still in a process of imperialist war and humanity is faced with the danger of a nuclear disaster. Capitalists who massacred tens of millions of people around the world in the second imperialist world war and hundreds of thousands that day in Japan, now turns the Middle East into blood bath. While nuclear weapons threatens the world with a total annihilation, nuclear power plants pose a similar threat. You, our Japanese brothers/sisters, have already been experiencing an example of this for the last one year. As your brothers/sisters in Turkey we enthusiastically and respectfully salute your struggle against nuclear stations. This struggle must be turned into a common struggle of workers all over the world. In this understanding, we, as your class brothers/sisters in Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER) conducted a petition campaign in Turkey and sent the signatures to Japanese government through Doro-Chiba. Our struggle will continue until all nuclear stations over the world are shut down. Let’s mount the international struggle of the working class to throw the capitalist system, which imposes war, unemployment, poverty and extermination on humanity, into the dustbin of history!

Long live the international unity of the working class!

Forward to struggle against imperialist wars and capitalist exploitation!

Shut down all nuclear power plants, annihilate all nuclear weapons!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

2 August 2012