Greetings and Support from Iran Aviation Workers in Turkey

The struggle against strike ban in aviation industry keeps on. Sacked workers continue their struggle to go back to work in International Flights Terminal. And international support for the sacked workers and protest against the strike ban keeps growing. Many organisations and trade-unions carry on international solidarity campaign. UID-DER is one of them. Various trade-unions and workers’ organisations from different countries express their support for UID-DER’s campaign “Stop strike bans and repression of trade-union activity! Aviation workers are not alone!” One of the latest examples is the solidarity massage sent in the name of Iranian workers:


“We support your demands and struggle. We wish you success in your fight for your rights. We have published the report of your struggle in Farsi for Iranian working class.

“Long live international solidarity!

“Long live socialism!

“Maziar Razi

“On behalf of Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (IRMT)”

On behalf of a group of workers in Britain, Matthew Thompson also sent a solidarity message in which he says “solidarity in your struggle brothers and sisters” thus showing that aviation workers are not alone.

Previously there were messages from Doro-Chiba, Railway workers union in Japan, and workers in Heathrow Airport sent to UID-DER to be conveyed to the striking aviation workers.

11 July 2012