Stop Israel’s Persecution of Palestine

Workers, brothers and sisters,

Israel keeps on its bloody assaults on Palestine on the pretext that 3 young Israeli were kidnapped. From 8 July onwards more than 1000 people were killed and more than 6000 people were injured. Houses and streets were bombed and ruined. In some neighbourhoods not one stone has been left upon another. Once again barbaric Israeli state massacres a people before the eyes of the whole world.

Covering Palestinian territory with the blood and tears of Palestinian people, Israeli rulers agreed to a 3-hour humanitarian truce requested by international organizations to allow evacuation of the dead and wounded. But it resumed its bombing attacks on Gaza just half an hour after the ceasefire, not hesitating to bomb even those Palestinians who, in search of a safe place, had to leave the dead and wounded. Israeli army is making an indiscriminate bombing, not sparing even hospitals and civilian population.  

Criminal Israeli state had carried out a heavy military operation and killed 1400 Palestinians 5 years ago. It condemned one and a half million people to hunger, thirst, lack of electricity and medicine. In 2012 Israel attacked once again and killed more than 150 Palestinians. During all these massacres imperialist powers made condemnation statements and did not do anything else. No sanction was imposed on Israel. Arabic governments did nothing beyond statements either. The same attitude continues today and Israel is carrying out a massacre before the whole world. United Nations and the rest of the world are sitting back and watching.

Backed by imperialist powers, Israel rulers try to blunt the Israeli working and toiling masses with the poison of nationalism. Fascist Israeli groups take to the streets in Jerusalem and shout “death to Arabs.” These groups burned a 16 year-old Palestinian without blinking an eye.

The AKP, who deems every atrocity proper for Kurds and sets ISIS on them, shamelessly roars: “We stand with the people of Palestine.” It rants in front of the masses but keeps collaborating with Israel and makes military and commercial agreements behind closed doors.

Brothers and sisters,

All these statements are just a twofaced show. We workers and toilers should not be deceived. What AKP does at most is to suspend diplomatic relationships temporarily. It maintains all kinds of economic relationships including arms trade. Dreaming to be a regional power in the Middle East Turkey continues to be an actor of the ongoing war. AKP does not care about the massacre of Syrian, Kurdish and Palestinian people.

The only true friend of Palestinian people is the workers and toilers of all countries. The only thing that would make Israeli state retreat is a strong international reaction. The duty of workers’ organizations, trade unions and socialists is to organise this united reaction on an international scale and show the state of Israel and those imperialist powers that back it that workers and toilers are standing in solidarity with Palestinian people.

Brothers and sisters,

Let’s break the silence against the sufferings of Palestinian people! Let’s extend the hand of brotherhood to the Middle East and Palestinian people. Kurdish, Turkish, Palestinian, Israeli, Persian, Arabic all peoples are brothers. Let’s raise our voice for the recognition of the rights of oppressed people, for peace in the Middle East, for the liberation of Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples. Let’s call out: Long live the unity of workers and fraternity of peoples! We urge all workers and toilers to unite in the ranks of UİD-DER and say stop to tyrants.

Stop Israel’s Persecution of Palestine! For Peace in the Middle East!

28 July 2014