Violent Suppression of Ghezel Hesar Prisoners’ Riot

The inhumane Islamic regime of Iran conducted a horrific mass execution Monday morning, August 18th, sending 17 inmates in Ghezel Hesar Prison to the gallows.

On Sunday, August 17th, Ghezel Hesar Prison inmates launched a riot to prevent the execution of their cellmates. However, Iranian regime authorities opened fire and murdered a number of these inmates, turning this incident into a tragic bloodshed.

Reports from inside Iran indicates that on Sunday Aug. 17th, following the transfer of a number of

prisoners on death row to be executed, prisoners at sections 1&2 and wards 2&3 of Ghezel-Hesar prison, west of Tehran rioted and clashed with the wardens and prison security forces. The prison guards opened fire and killed a number of protesting inmates. Some reports puts the dead at 40 to 50 inmates.

As the prison riot was ongoing, families of prisoners condemned to death were congregating outside the prison protesting the executions of their loved ones. Antiriot police and suppressive state security forces raided the congregation using antiriot gears including batons and dozens of police vehicles to disperse the crowd. Police then resorted to violence beating and injuring the protesters.

25 August 2014