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Grev-Direniş Ziyaretleri


International solidarity with UPS workers, who have been dismissed because of unionizing, expands as they keep fighting to be reinstated in front of their workplace. On the 158th day of their struggle, a good example for international workers solidarity was exhibited in the picket line outside the...


We, the workers of Akkardan Company, were laid off from our jobs on January 26, 2010. However, we did not end up going home and instead we started to fight back in front of the factory for our children’s future. We would like to inform you briefly about the development of our resistance.


Now they are in a resistance (a wildcat strike) and fighting for their jobs. Every day they gather in front of the factory with their families. Those workers who are still working in the factory support their fired friends and their struggle. At lunch time they bring their meals to their struggling...


It’s been over two months and Tekel workers keep fighting for their jobs against all odds. They started on December 15 by gathering in Ankara arriving from all over the country. They managed to make their voice heard by militant protests in Ankara. In response to their protests government used...