The Youth of the Working Class, Forward to Struggle in UİD-DER Ranks!

There are two fundamental social classes under capitalism: The working class and the bourgeoisie. And there are also children of these two classes. Children of the working class have their share of inequality and injustice that the capitalist order creates. The system of education is one of the areas of inequality and injustice for them.

While the opportunities given to working class children are limited to straight high schools, Anatolian high schools or vocational high schools, the children of the bourgeoisie have many choices such as private schools, studying abroad and so on. We, the youth of the working class, do have to continue our education in hardships. In fact the end of the story is obvious from the very beginning.

So many success stories are told in schools. They say “study hard, be successful and happy.” We usually study at home or sometimes, if lucky enough, we go to cheap private teaching institutions. But no matter how hard we study, we cannot compete with the children of the rich, who are provided with private lessons, private teaching institutions etc. But to get university education we are obliged to take the same university entrance exam with them. After the exam they go to private universities and we go to low grade public universities. The hardships are not finished when we get into university. Financial problems overwhelm us immediately. There are many who drop out of school for that reason. We study and work at the same time in order not to be a burden for our families. Although we have a hard time graduating from university after graduation we face the problem of joblessness. We come across many obstacles. Some bosses ask for 5-year work experience, some ask for foreign language. Although we had to work while studying at university, sometimes as a waiter sometimes as a pollster, these jobs are not related with our education so they are not “work experience.”

After all these “experiences” we give up looking for a decent job and come to terms with working in outsourced companies. We are usually employed under outsourced companies so we are not permanent staff. Job training is considered unnecessary because “we are already going to be trained in progress of time.” Anyway, we have to work. If you think that the wage is low, they offer overtime as another choice. But this “choice” is compulsory. Working overtime never solves our problems. We get a pittance after working so hard but we hardly see our family and beloved ones. Heavy work and bad straits make workplace accidents inevitable. But they call it “fate.”

If we do not want to suffer from injustices of the system of education, working in bad conditions and workplace accidents we should join the struggle against capitalist order in UİD-DER ranks.

3 January 2015